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3 Important Aspects of Engagement

May 14, 2015

Although much information has been focused on what engages Millennnials, people of all ages generally require the same foundations. How one engages may be different, but the desires are largely the same. Millennials may be more used to voicing what they want and requiring change but others want the same things. Three foundational aspects of engagement are:

  1. Using one’s strengths. Employees want to do what they are good at and what they enjoy. It’s difficult to watch an organization struggle when someone knows he or she can help if the organization would only let him/her. Go beyond the job description and find out what employees’ strengths and skills are. Add in ways for employees to use their skills and expertise such as asking for volunteers on projects or participating in hack-a-thons, providing cross-functional team or training opportunities (and the time to work on them) and give time to work on projects that they are best at.

  2. Providing a voice. Everyone likes to feel valued and appreciated. The best way to do that is to listen. Show them that their opinions matter and their experiences provide value. Ask opinions from employees at all levels using surveys, enterprise social media or just walking the halls. Ask employees how they would fix problems, what they need to do their job better, what would make the organization better and how they would cut costs. Always provide feedback. If ideas are not being used, explain why. Show employees they were heard and their voices matter.

  3. Keeping employees informed. The worst thing for an employee is to find out major news about one’s organization via the news, a client or a co-worker. Provide transparent and open communication. Tell employees what is happening. They need to know what expectations are of them, especially during times of change. They need to know what is happening within the organization and how it will impact them.










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