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Do you envision a thriving workplace?  Where employees are excited to come to work every day? Organizational success results from a thriving organizational culture. As organizations grow, they require dedication to intentionally craft and sustain the envisioned organizational culture. A thriving culture can keep employees engaged, empowered, and loyal. This equals more profit and less money lost on low productivity and high turnover. Culture defines who your company is and differentiates you from competitors.

No company, small or large, can win over the long run without ener gized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.



strategy for a thriving workplace


We partner with clients to build a strategy for creating thriving workplaces by aligning culture to increase engagement and retention. We help organizations set the vision for their culture and make it happen.

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We are dedicated to making organizations great places to work. We partner with organizations who want to establish and sustain unique workplace cultures. Using our knowledge and experience, we implement bespoke processes and structures to craft the desired culture. Areas we focus on include leadership selection and development, and talent strategy.


Employees of all generations and cultures are full of potential. They are happy, energized and engaged when they are empowered. We work with inclusive organizations who want to maximize human potential of multi-generational and

multi-cultural workers by providing them with autonomy and influence.


Moxy partners with other organizations to provide the

best services possible. We have partners who can help with digital culture strategy, office space and

leasing, hiring, onboarding and other services.


Founder Kerry Mitchell, Ph.D., worked for many companies that described their culture in terms that contradicted reality. As those companies grew, the culture was lost. Employees left. Costs rose.


Moxy Solutions was created to help organizations envision their culture & remain true to that vision. Organizations that thrive have engaged, happy workers. Kerry has been a speaker and contributor to many publications, podcasts and conferences.


Here is one sample of how Kerry contributes CLICK HERE.


Publications include:  

  • In Press – Employee Empowerment for Today’s Workers
     (self-published book) 

  • Co-author with Dr. Michael Spangle of ”Social Media, Mediation and Public Policy”. Published in ACResolution, Summer 2012. 

  • Co-author with Dr. Michael Spangle of “Generational Conflict in Organizational Settings”. Published in Practical Dispute Resolution, volume 5, pp. 25-34. (July, 2010)

  • Dissertation on Employee Empowerment Across Generations

  • One Page Bio

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We partner with clients to build a strategy for creating thriving workplaces by aligning culture to increase engagement and retention.


Each organization is different, so all of Moxy’s solutions are bespoke. We partner with organizations to understand the vision for the workplace culture. Employee engagement and retention levels are often dependent on the culture, so all of our solutions include examination of culture. 

Culture vision and strategy sessions

Start-ups often grow and scale at a fast pace and may lose the desired culture if they do not take steps to make sure the culture is engrained. For those companies just starting, we help strategize the desired vision and outcomes and put a strategy in place to keep the culture while the company grows.

Culture audit and analysis

A culture audit looks at all aspects of culture to determine what the actual culture is and what is leading to that culture. We do observations, surveys. Focus groups and or interviews to analyze processes and structures that enhance the culture. The full process is five steps -

  1. Research: Conduct a culture audit with employees at all levels.

  2. Analysis: Identify gaps and areas of strengths.

  3. Develop: Create a strategy for culture alignment with steps and timelines

  4. Implement: Adapt processes and behaviors to create the desired vision

  5. Ongoing Support: Monthly or quarterly check-ins to evaluate and strategize. Coaching for leaders and employees as desired.

Engagement and retention audit and analysis

An engagement and retention analysis is similar to a culture audit, but looks for specific cultural aspects that may have negative effects or may not be sustained. The same five step process is used with slight variations.

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Culture Coaching

For partners who are already undergoing culture shifts or changes are in progress, we offer coaching and support. We discuss what concerns our partners have, what to measure and look for, what questions they have and how to proceed.


For partners who are starting their companies or are experiencing growth, we offer vision session and strategy sessions. In strategy sessions, we go through processes that need to be aligned with the desired culture such as hiring, onboarding and leadership behaviors.

Leadership coaching, strategizing or brainstorming

We offer leadership coaching to ensure modeled behaviors match desired outcome. Leaders often set the culture and their behavior demonstrates the values of the company. We work with our partners to provide support however they need it to ensure the culture changes are effective and realized.

Employee engagement and empowerment workshops

Employee engagement is important not only for Millennials, but all employees. We believe engagement comes from being empowered. In these workshops, we help managers understand how each employee is engaged and empowered differently and provide tools to increase results.

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Kerry Mitchell was a great asset to our team. The Enlighten Foundation is non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to educating, equipping, and empowering women and children worldwide to create transformation change. Kerry graciously volunteered her time and offered a non-profit rate to help our Social Media team and leadership team work together to improve our presence online. Through leading the team in launching a new website that included: blogs, videos, testimonials, teaching, and an online learning membership of $7 a month.  Thank you for your wonderful communication and team leadership skills.

Tabitha Hernandez

The Executive Director. The Enlighten Foundation

Dr. Mitchell coordinated The Enlighten Foundation social networking team with consistency and grace. She kept the staff on target and on time and was fair with her assessments of their product. In addition, Dr. Mitchell was a progressive visionary with innovative ideas that could help promote our organization. She instituted several new projects that were positively received by our constituency. We enjoyed working with her; she has an enthusiastic and enjoyable personality.

Dr. Anne Griffith

President, The Enlighten Foundation

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Kerry is an outstanding trainer and inspirational coach. Not only does she exhibit creative and innovative approaches to learning, Kerry has the ability to positively and professionally impact individuals and teams through her expertise in change management, conflict resolution and communication skills. ‪She is dedicated, organized, efficient, extremely competent, maintains an excellent rapport with people and has a great personality!

Mindy Faville

Broker Associate professional with RE/MAX Momentum‬‬‬‬‬

Kerry's presentation to our national leadership team was dynamic and entirely on point to the challenges of leading a multigenerational workforce. Her presentation framed a leader dialog that began at the offsite, continued as the team returned to locations across the country, and informed key strategies and initiatives we undertook to redefine career pathing and retention efforts.  Her work was well researched, credible and balanced and was a key contributor to our subsequent success at increasing retention of Millennials and shaping our approach to delivering for all generations that comprise our broad team.

Chris Ciafone

client experience executive for Fortune 500 firms

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Beyond simple education and experience in training and coaching, Kerry has a fundamental understanding of how we learn, how we grow, how we are motivated and, more importantly, the application practice with the tools and methods individuals and organizations need to improve and increase effectiveness and productivity.  ‪Kerry is able to take basic philosophies and studies from academia and apply them to real world situations and is equally able to take experience from the business world and convey the learning in educational environments.‪Throughout my years dealing with corporations, HR departments and trainers, I have not met anyone as fully capable as Kerry. She truly has a knowledge unmatched in this space.

Thom Piper‬‬

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Channel Development at CardinalCommerce‬‬‬‬‬

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